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One of the educational philosophies that our children will be exposed to is the Reggio Emilia Approach. Reggio Emilia is a place in Italy and has been and is still recognized as one of the top approaches to pre-school and primary education in the world. A Reggio Experience is where the child is an active participant in learning; great significance is placed on the environment (known as the third teacher). A Reggio inspired school strives to create beautiful home-like, organized spaces full of a rich variety of materials for students to use to meet their cognitive development and enhance social, emotional, and physical growth; and (most importantly) the teacher, parent, and child are collaborators in the learning process. The Reggio approach makes learning visible.

The Atelier
Visual art is a vital component of the Reggio approach but this educational concept goes well beyond learning how to use art materials. In their art, young children are expressing the ideas that are emerging in short- and long-term projects. Their creations become a visible form of learning to revisit and show to others. Atelier is the French word for art studio. At Christian Way Academy, our Atelier will serve as the artistic hub for children’s experiences. This studio is where children create and show what they are discovering about the world through art. The Atelier’s abundance of art media and a variety of natural materials become tools for the imagination as children work on their projects.

Reggio Photo Gallery